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Generic TLDs
.biz $14.70 / year
.com $14.70 / year
.info $14.70 / year
.net $14.70 / year
.org $14.70 / year
Country Code TLDs, .uk $14.70 / year
.es $14.70 / year
.eu $14.70 / year,, .pt $14.70 / year
.us $14.70 / year
Other TLDs
.tel $14.70 / year
.tv $14.70 / year
.pw $14.70 / year
.mobi $14.70 / year
.pro $14.70 / year

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The web hosting plan offered is limited on features and specifications, but it may be enough to get started while you still don't receive much visitors on your website. Upgrade whenever you require additional resources!

Web Hosting Plan

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1 GB HDD Storage
10 GB Transfer
1 Email Account
1 MySQL Databases

128 MB RAM
¼ CPU Core
1024 KB/s IOPs
1024 IOPS
12 EP
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